2 Things to Help Your NOW and Being in the Moment

It’s taken me years to ‘get’ it but but I like to think I’m good at gauging the way I am by the way I’m feeling. If you come to me for a Psychic Reading and you’ll get what I’m getting. I’m a happy, outgoing and laugh-a-lot sort of guy. Sometimes though I’m off colour, not quite there, what do we call it? A so-so day. I don’t always have my life together because I’m human and I make mistakes.
When you see me I know it’s how you want me. You don’t want an actor or performer, or someone who pumps himself, is always on top of everything, is perfect and has no flaws. Only movies show that sort of stuff. We both know life is not a movie. 2 Things to Help Your NOW : Being in the Moment


I am just as vulnerable as you are. That’s because from energetic level I always have internal stuff going down. This is something I see and feel in people every day, that’s why you come to see me. I like to think I help them through it. My vulnerability is a real thing because I learnt a fundamental thing about me and you. That fundamental thing is is easily explained be the following statement.

“When you’ve vulnerable, it brings out your raw naked truth”.

That’s the number 1 statement.
Now I’d like to mix that statement with another.

“There’s still stuff going down”

You have stuff going down, I have stuff happening just as everyone does. The stuff will never end, it’s our destiny and it’s what we as inhabitants of our world need to admit to ourselves. If you want an easier life you need to take a big look at you, otherwise your life will always be tough. This is why and how to help your now and how ‘being in the moment’ becomes YOU.
I can write a book on this stuff but suffice to say there are many out there. What I’d like to do though is give you two simple things you can do.

Your 2 Things to Help Your Now

No. 1 Sit for a few minutes and thing of one or two things that you’re hanging onto. It’s likely you won’t think of anything. If you can’t think of anything have a chat to someone close to you who you trust. Once you have something to let go, do just that. Let it go. Letting go is easy. All you need to do is sit quietly, listen to the sounds of the day or night and breath slowly. This is called meditation. After 5 or 10 minutes bring up that thing you would like to let go and ask it go go to the place of highest good. I can’t be specific on what you want to let go, it’s best to be specific though. It could be a material thing or emotional or both.

No 2. Look into the longer term. It’s very difficult to make a short term decision about an emotional thing and expect it to last forever. Allow any changes to be long term and expect them to be long term.

That’s all you need to do. You’ll be surprised at the changes that come into your life. This stuff is easy if you let it be. Get too hung up in the detail and don’t look for results. Just make a couple of changes, expect them to happen, stick to them and enjoy being in your now..
Have an awesome time.

Psychic Andrew

2 Things to DO NOW to Build your Mindfulness Energy

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