The Get Vulnerable Story

In my psychic readings the fear of being vulnerable frequently appears in a card. It’s a sure fire indicator that you need to get vulnerable to get through tough times tough times. Get vulnerable to get through tough times and breaking down the fear of being vulnerable sounds counter-intuitive.

If I said to you “Oh, I see you’re really busy and stressed, you need to stop what you’re doing and go and meditate for 30 minutes.”, you would like think I was crazy. But if you’re really stressed meditation is what you need. That’s counter-intuitive.

Here’s a Story How I had to get Vulnerable and this story is counter Intuitive

I’m a typical man and I don’t like being vulnerable. Most men don’t because of the fear of bing vulnerable. For me vulnerability is what it’s about. Allowing myself to be vulnerable.
I’m past this now because I read one of my own essays on being vulnerable and how to be vulnerable. Here’s how it goes. The last 8 weeks have been tough for me. I have found my life emotionally difficult. I find it easy to be the person who punches the air with a big “YES!” and get on with my life. This means I could be the the person who’s always ‘on top’ of everything. That person will never show vulnerability, I can always be strong, in charge, masculine, bulldoze my way through.

Fear of Being Vulnerable

About 8 weeks ago I fell into a heap. I’ve felt lonely, out-of-control, and unhappy. I don’t fudge things when I’m like this. It was tough. But, if you had come to see me for a psychic reading you wouldn’t have noticed a thing because I’m so good at faking it until I ‘be’ it.
Get Vulnerable : How to be Vulnerable : Fear of Being Vulnerable : It's Counter Intuitive

Three weeks to ‘Get It’

For me, it was a counter intuitive experience. There I am talking to a psychic seeker doing what I do, and doing it very well. The moment that seeker walked out the door I fell back into my glum heap.
Something needed to be done. I needed to be honest with myself and admit I had a problem.

Get Vulnerable : How to be Vulnerable : Fear of Being Vulnerable : It’s Counter Intuitive

Then I got it. It took over three weeks to get it. I have a way out but I didn’t want to take it. I thought I could work my way out of being sad, lonely and unhappy. The way out is so simple, all I needed to do is ask a simple question and act on the question.

“When is NOW a great time for me to move out of the way I’m feeling?”.

This question doesn’t sound much, but it’s powerful. It’s a big question. I’ve used it many times and normally, I ask the question of myself, I fake it until I make it. Then away I go. The didn’t happen this time. My vulnerability and fear of being vulnerable held me back, and I let it for weeks.
All I needed to do is work on myself in a counter intuitive way. I had to look at how to be vulnerable. Once I did this I was free. By being in my vulnerable space I resolved my loneliness, sadness and fear and immediately set up a simple action plan. I acknowledged a couple of things that need to be done. There were also a couple of things to NOT do. It worked, I’m out of the fog.

How to be vulnerable?

Think about when you’re stressed, worried, sad. Own up to being vulnerable then do something.

Ask yourself that question…..

When is NOW a great time for me to move out of the way I’m feeling?.

When others see you vulnerable, they see your raw, naked strength.

Have a fantastic Day.

Brené Brown – Embracing Vulnerability has more from You Tube.


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