Flow Writing : Goal Setting : Magic Writing

Make your goals reach for the sky.

Flow Writing : Goal Setting : Magic Writing

What I Didn’t Know About Goal Setting

I must confess up until a couple of years ago, I wasn’t a goal setter. Probably because I never thought I needed to. The reason for not goal setting was because no one told me why it might be a good idea. Even if people did tel me it might be a good idea, no one told me how to do it.

Also, I never realised that I needed to write my goals down. Nor did I realise that we need to visit them as frequently as possible because what we are doing when we goal-set is to re-wire some of those tiny little, but very important, neuron threads in of our brain.

How do we start? Flow Writing or Magic Writing

Starting is easy and a lot of fun and involves a process called the ‘Magic Writing’. All you do is put aside a half an hour when you won’t be disturbed. Get yourself into a good space by lighting a couple of candles, burning incense or oils, playing music, maybe dancing or even pouring yourself a glass of wine.

The idea is to relax and get into your own special space.

What do you want to experience?

Next, grab a pen and paper and start writing all the things you would like to experience. Write for ten minutes, longer if you want and just let it flow. This is why it’s called flow writing. Remove all barriers by imagining you have unlimited money and that there is nothing that could restrict you in fulfilling your dreams or experiences. Magic Writing becomes magic because it comes from that magical place deep inside you.

It’s that easy. It might take you a couple of attempts, and that’s okay. This is not something you have to excel at, you don’t have to do it ‘properly’ or ‘perfectly’. You just put thoughts and dreams down on paper. Remember, you’re the only one who’s going to see this, so put anything and everything without any control or influence from others. Remember this is the stuff you dream about.

Call to Action

Have you done your Magic Writing? That’s your call to action. How did it go, did you enjoy it?

Lurking within what you wrote in your Magic Ten Minutes are your goals. All you have to do is extract them out and turn them into a goal or two. How cool is that!

Until next time, have the best awesome day.


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