Give and You Shall Receive | Fathers Day

I’m wondering if you relate to Father’s Day? I know guys who do and I know a lot of fathers who don’t mainly because of it’s commerciality.

I’m Not your Fathers Day Type

This was my outlook for years and years. I managed to get the message through that a telephone call or a card will do. It’s amazing how children forget things like this.There I would be, minding my own business, and a daughter arrives with package in hand. My protestations never went far.

It’s not that I was a bah humbug type of person, it was just no big deal. In those days though, I was different person than I am today. What I missed back then was that it was important to my daughters that they remembered me on that day. I never got that.Fathers Day. Giving or Receiving? Give and You Shall Receive

So the real change happened to me a about eight ago, 6 months before Fathers Day.

Ah Ha Moment

I had an ah ha moment after a conversation with each daughter. My ah ha moment  was a decision to let them make there own mistakes. They were old enough to look after themselves and I told them so. I suggested that if they wanted advice from me they would have to ask for it. Therefore, I was never going to give unsolicited advice again. Now that, in itself, is story for another time. What happened after these conversations was quite extraordinary.

Something new and quite beautiful developed in my relationship with my daughters. There was a new respect, a deeper connection and a more developed love. It has been incredible.

So what has this to do with Giving or Receiving on Fathers Day?

I made a decision that Fathers Day was not only a celebration of my daughters’ relationship with me, it would also be a celebration of my gratitude for having two beautiful daughters who are such an important part of my life.

I decided I would thank them for being so special to me.

How does one do that? Well, I had to think about that because I didn’t want it to become commercial. It needed to be special. Last year, I got to work and engraved two small perspex plates with a quote (from me) which I attached to a small timber block. I wrapped them in paper with a card and presented them. It was a lovely occasion, one that I will remember for a long time, and I notice both my daughters still have their gifts.

As Fathers Day rolled around again, what did I do? Artwork, especially for them. Yes, the masterpieces are done, took me a couple of days and I finished them a few days before father’s day.

 Call to Action.

No, you don’t to do what I have done. That’s just what I do. You need to do your thing.

Your call to action is to understand that what you give, you receive hundreds of times over. Every day, have gratitude for the small wonderful things in your life. Things like the sound of your child’s laughter and the look your son or daughter gives you when you communicate with him or her. Of course, the best thing of all? It’s how he or she feels to you when you give them a hug.

Don’t have access to your children? Maybe you need to give me or someone a call, especially if you need a bit of help.

What I do when I receive my gift from my daughters is give something in return that reminds them that they are so special to me. I get immence love in the great stuff that happens to me as I’m preparing their gifts. I love that feeling.

Have the best outstanding day.


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