Is there a Battery Brain? Do you Evolve Dissolve?

You know a battery has two terminals—positive and negative. One thing you do not have is a battery brain, but it’s a good idea to think about the two terminals on your car battery. Especially if you’re interested in having a fantastic life. Like that battery you have two states of being. You either evolve or dissolve. Unfortunately, many people thing there’s some sort of in-between state which you could easily call neutral. There is no neutral. If you’re driving along a road in your car and you slip the gear shift into neutral the car will slow down and eventually stop.

Evolve Dissolve Takes Energy

Let’s go back to your battery again. What happens if you let a car battery sit for a long time? That’s right it goes flat.

Battery Brain?

Your brain and body are like the battery. Both love to be used, If you don’t use a muscle in your body it will atrophy and die. It’s same with your brain. It needs to be used and worked to stay healthy. If not your brain will atrophy and die. You do not want this.

It takes power to maintain power.

So here you are very similar to that battery. You must use your whole body including your brain and mind. But there’s a huge catch.Evolve  Dissolve : Battery Brain

Here’s the Rub

The catch is you must use your brain for the right things. For example, if you tell yourself or others negative drama glue stories, those stories become like the negative terminal of the battery. You must tell positive empowering stories or tell stories in a way that reframes both your mind and the mind of your listener. If you find yourself telling a so-so story such as we describe in Escape from a So-So Day, you’ll be like the car that’s in neutral. At some stage you’ll stop.

The Answer

We have the perfect way through this for you.

Whenever you can tell empowering, proactive, abundant, and joyful stories and you’ll be like the positive battery terminal.

  • Speak in a positive, empowering way, you’ll be like the positive terminal and you’ll evolve.
  • If you tell a negative disempowering story, you’ll turn into the negative terminal and you’ll start to dissolve.

Remember there is NO neutral terminal.

You’re either evolving or dissolving, there is no in between and no neutral. To help yourself, think about doing the following:

  • Examine your thoughts all the time,
  • Watch your integrity all the time
  • Work on the things that are empowering you with sincerity and integrity all the time
  • When ever you can think abundance, not scarcity.
  • Think health all the time

Why don’t you cut and paste these tips and paste them around your home. You need constant reminding.

And have an amazing, abundant and evolving life.

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