If you’re connected you’ll get your messages exactly when you need them.

This blog came about from a connection to a series of people that came through just in time for them and me.

Empathy Connection Just in Time

One empathy connection from a subscriber named Andrew really got me thinking and I’d like to share my thoughts with you.Connection : Empathy connection --- Just in time

Andrew told me how my weekly tarot readings come to him at a very synchronistic time and the topics, for him, are really valuable, especially the timing of the topic for what he has going on in his life.

He says it’s as though I have been discussing with him his challenges that day and I’ve given him strategies for changes for those strategies. The only thing is, Andrew has never actually talked to me. I only know him from the occasional email.

So what’s this about? Is this happening only to Andrew?

The Real Empathy Connection is a part of being Human

No, it’s not happening only to Andrew. It’s happening to all of us all the time, especially if we spend a little time to listen. You are tuned in and living in the now and you’re connected to a little thing called the Universe. You may use the term your familiar with such as God, Buddha, the Creator, Jesus, or whatever you call your higher being if you have one. When you are connected like this you are connected to everything and everyone around you.

This connection can be anything like your goose bumps when a baby laughs. To feeling all warm and cosy when you’re ‘close’ to your partner. From feeling over-come when you see something as simple and beautiful the rising sun to touching deep emotions. Like a tear forming on hearing a beautiful, heartwarming story. Or perhaps it’s when you get chocked up when you see one of those ‘feel good’ videos on the Internet. These are things that make you uniquely human.

You Do have Connection to the Universe

Connection : Empathy connection --- Just in timeWhat this means for you is that you are connected to the universe and allowing yourself to ‘be’ is totally natural. It’s what you crave internally and fight externally through your ego. In that special space which we fondly call ‘the now’  of ‘in the now‘ we connect to everyone and everything around us.

It’s as if everyone and everything we know, is working for us and we are working for them and those things. Being in this space allows you to cease judgement, with no paybacks and no debt to anyone or anything. If there does happen to be debt or value, you don’t regard it as a problem.

This is because you automatically and subconsciously store it in the Universe as karma. When stored as karma it becomes completely unknown to you. The more you stay connected in serving, learning and loving, the more it helps your karma.

The karmic Accounting System

Imagine that! Here is a system that tracks our merit points automatically. Your tracking is automatic you do it without the help (or hinderance) of any man made accounting systems. This includes taxation agencies, social security numbers or any other ‘big brother’ systems. You are your karma and you ‘are’ by believing and knowing you’re totally connected to everything in the Universe.

Pretty immaculate, eh!

Until next time,

Have the best outstanding day.

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