Change Habit : Are your habits changing for the better?

Change Habit

I don’t know about you but where ever I go I get the same messages, for me they’re coaching messages, and I love them.

The messages I’m referring to today are about habits and looking for tiny incremental changes in our lives and working on those changes to produce long lasting results.

Change Habit by 5%

Months ago I participated in a self defence workshop with a world renowned expert who taught us how to escape from a position when someone has you on the ground and their full weight is on top of you. If you haven’t been in this position believe me, it’s not nice. You have the full weight of your opponent on your chest, it’s suffocating, it’s painful and it’s claustrophobic. Normally people submit or panic in this situation, much the same as they do in life situations when emotional trauma hits.

Our instructor told us about the 5% benefit. If you can get a 5% benefit and turn this into an advantage this will give you the upper edge, you turn a near hopeless situation into a perfect outcome. Interestingly, yesterday’s 5% advantage was a body movement so small if you blinked you would miss it.

Small Differences

The point I’m making is that in life it’s not the big changes that make the difference, it’s the ones we hardly see.

How many people 25 kgs overweight try to lose that 25 kgs in one go? How many people with maxed out credit cards try to pay off the whole balance in one go? Just about every one? How long did it take to put on that extra 25 kgs in the first place and how long did it take to max out the credit card? A week? A month? The truth is it took months or even years, it was a slow process. It was a gradual habit. To win at this, we need to reverse or create a new habit.

I couldn’t get out of the hold the guy had on me without the 5% advantage. It was small and significant. Two years ago I lost 25 kgs by losing 500 grams first, then another 500 grams and so on. I didn’t actually use scales, I used my shirt, trousers and belts sizes and I went from an XXXL to XL. It’s been a great feeling throwing my old clothes away.

Change Habit by 5% : Small Goals

You see, to be successful we need to concentrate on the small goals with the view of the grand goals in the back of our minds. For every cappuccino we forgo, that’s $4.00 we’ve saved and for every cream bun we leave in the bakery that’s a millimetre we’ve reduced our waistline.

And these can be turned into habits. Small habits! The smaller the better, because small habits are easier to maintain.

So, you’re going to ask, how do I give up the big harmful habits like smoking, over-eating, drugs, gambling, etc?

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