Clean as a Whistle — Clean Mind  — Monkey Mind

A mind as clean as a whistle Clean as a whistle — clean mind  — monkey mind Monkey Mind If you’re like me you have a busy monkey mind. I can over-think as well as you although now I’m better because I work on myself and I know that a clear mind is paramount to me...

Change habit by 5%

Change Habit : Are your habits changing for the better? I don’t know about you but where ever I go I get the same messages, for me they’re coaching messages, and I love them. The messages I’m referring to today are about habits and looking for tiny...

Stuck in a Rut

Stuck in a Rut — Get Out of a Rut — Psychic Rut A beautiful young woman came to see me for her annual yearly ‘top-up’—asking how her year will pan out, what she can expect, whether it’ll be a better year than last year—the normal new year resolution stuff; she...
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