What? Bamboo? What Goes Around Comes Around

Buy Bamboo | What Goes Around Comes Around A few years ago I was sitting at my desk, between clients, when I looked around and realised that there was something missing in my consultation room.

The room needed greenery, I needed to buy some plants.

I was living in Canberra at the time and I went to a nursery in Pialigo, near the Canberra airport. I walked up to a small group of attendants and commented on the fantastic day. One woman acknowledged me and I asked her, “What’s the coolest thing that happened to you today?”. She was delighted by my question, smiled and said, “The sun today, and the fact that I can work here amongst all these plants, I love it!”.

I asked where the bamboo was hidden and she took me to it. We chatted about the bamboo, I selected one and then she asked me what I do. I told her I am a psychic and that I help people move from where they are now to having a spectacular life.

Business Card

Next she asked me for my business card. That was the bamboo thing done.

Water Feature

A few minutes later I dropped into another establishment just down the road. It sells pots and the week before I bought misting water feature.

I love the water feature and so do my clients. They all comment on it and it’s changed the energy in my consultation room. I walked in and a guy asked if he could help me. This is when I told him how i had purchased the water bowl the week before, how great it is and how happy I am with it. The reason I dropped in was to comment on the great service I received in his pot shop. He was ecstatic, no one had ever called in to comment on a purchase before. He said he would enjoy telling his partner the news.

What Happened?

I empowered two people, that’s all. And it was very easy. I didn’t have to use any false pretences, I was authentic, enthusiastic, and most of all gave certainty. I gave certainty to the two people I met and they responded in kind. And it made me feel good.

Call to Action

Try what I did. When you’re out and about and feeling great, tell others. Ask them what’s great about their day. Don’t ask them how there day is because all you’ll get is a good or okay. You want to get them to give you a considered response, one they’ve thought about. So it has to be open ended. Think about it. If I ask you “How are you?” you’ll likely give a quick unconsidered answer. But if I ask “What the single best thing that’s happened to you today?” you’ll reach into the recesses of your memory and think of something that stands out.

It’s very easy, a lot of fun and you could just prevent that person from having an also-type-of-day to having a really good day. Imagine that guy going home to his or her family and talking about this cool customer who was in the shop today and how it made his or her day. How cool would that be!

What Goes Around Comes Around

About a year after my shopping trip I received a call from a woman wanting a psychic reading. It wasn’t the woman who sold me the bamboo, it was her friend. What goes around comes around.

Have the best outstanding day,


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