What if I told you that the personal development work you did on yourself last year is now irrelevant?

It’s rare to see someone change. Have you ever seen big change in someone and wondered how they did it? I don’t see it that often and I’m in the change business. When I do see someone change, I love it. The really beautiful thing about the changes I’ve seen is that it’s in a handful of ‘normal’ people and I’m humbled to be a part of the process.

Personal Development

Good sports coaches don’t participate in the activity their players participate in. The coach is on the sidelines, watching, examining, and testing. For sports coaches, it’s the score board that tells the story of whether the coach is successful or not. For personal development coaches, it’s a different. There’s no score board and no exams or tests. Frequently, the client being coached loses sight of how he or she is going. It’s only when they step back that they become aware of their growth.

Go to buy milk, come home with a chainsaw.Go to buy milk, come home with a chainsaw. Personal Development

I have a friend who loves to talk about an Aldi Supermarket near where he lives. He says, “I went in to buy a litre of milk and I came out with milk and a chainsaw!”. Hold that thought for just a moment.

You’re aware how sporting coaches work. They are always striving to keep ahead of the opposition—always striving to win.

Well here’s the irony. For some reason people and I include you in this, think personal development is different. You hop off to a workshop and sign up with a whiz coach and you think, “Ah, my 3-months, 6-months etc of coaching is over, I’m a changed person, yippee!”.

Real Personal Development is not ‘buy milk and a chainsaw’

Your life is a like a game football or basketball. If you stop, get complacent or slow down and think that’s all that’s needed, you’ll lose the game. It’s the same with your personal development, if you stop and think you have it all, you will find yourself in deep trouble.

Once you start your personal development journey you’re in it for life. There’s no turning back, slacking off or thinking you’ve had enough.  You’ve heard of older people been sacked of laid off their long-term job. They try to get another job in a similar industry and find they can’t. If you’re like this, you’ll likely externalise it by saying, “No one wants me, they don’t give older people jobs, it’s all for younger people!”. That’s inaccurate. It’s not because they’re old, it’s because they’ve lost or failed to maintain vital skills and experience.

When people come to me wanting help, no two people’s expectations of outcomes are the same. I think you and everyone would expect that. I spend time explaining what’s really happening when you work on yourself with your personal development. What actually happens looks something like this. You walk into my room with expectations about what your chosen goals and outcomes will be.

Real Personal Development

You may well achieve those goals and expectations and suppose they are represented by A, B, and C. As your psychic and personal development guru I sit there and smile to myself. What I saw and felt was something different. I saw a lot more. I saw A, B and C plus D, E, F, G, M, a splattering of P, X and Y cream, salt, pepper and sugar thrown in as well.

What happened to your A, B, C? One of two things happen. Either A, B, C disappear completely from the radar because you realise it wasn’t what you really wanted or A, B and C reappear later as different colours and shapes. A, B and C become, in your mind modified and transformed.

Human Emotions are in the Mix

There was something you never realised about your personal development when you enrolled for that weekend workshop. You are at the centre of your own human nature. Hyman nature has emotions, fear, pain, excitement, clarity and certainty. The whole kit and caboodle.

Think about what you want and what you prefer? The sugar coated bun, the penny and the bag? Or would you like to enrol yourself to have the penny, the bag, the instructions, the stove, all the utensils, a house,  a car, wisdom, experience, a life? With all those things you can make as many sugar coated buns as you like.

Your personal development will become you’re life, your heart beat, your breath, your life.

The chainsaw and milk

What happened to buying milk and coming home with a chainsaw?

That’s for you to answer because when you develop your personal development, that’s the way you think. You’ll learn about chainsaws and all the other things that are available to you.

It’s a matter of perspective, isn’t it?


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