Allow All Your Dreams to Flow, but Grab a Devils Advocate too

Every two weeks I have a group of fantastic people come around to my house for our MasterMind group. It’s an opportunity to share experiences and build on our already great lives to become better people. We all realised that as individuals, we can only do so much to help ourselves and that as a group we would be able to help each other evolve to a super high level of success.

These sessions are inspiring to all of us.We all work on each other and it’s fantastic to see the subtle changes we all go through week after week and last week was no exception.All Your Dreams | Devils Advocate

The Dream

One of our members told us about an idea she had. She has a small accountancy business and one of the reasons she joined the group was to kick-start the business. Last night she talked a little about the business and then with a little prompting told us about her dream.

This is when things got exciting.

She told us that her dream was to open a bed and breakfast accommodation. This is when the energy in the room changed instantly. She proceeded to describe her vision.

Have you ever had someone describe a dream and they became so passionate about it that they started to cry? For us, it was if we were there in her dream. Its quite an experience and in this case the effect on the rest of us was nothing short of spectacular. The whole tone and energy of the room changed with all us us supporting our fellow member in her story and her quest.

Something Changed But NO Devils Advocate

The interesting thing was that she had no intention of even bringing her dream up in this session because, for her, she believed it was never going to be a reality.

What made her bring it up? Who knows and who cares, the fact is she did!

You see, none of us were negative about her dream, there were no devils advocates, that will come later. We supported her story and we let her tell it. There was no pressure, no envy and no ego and we believe that with a little bit of help from the rest of group, she will succeed. It’ll likely be the best B & B in the country. To top it off, we’ll be her star supporters at the grand opening of her venture.

Where did all this come from?

Our B & B dreamer had thought her dream was just that, a dream. What she did the other day was to turn it into into a grand dream goal. It was our energy and our prompting that helped her do that. We were all super positive and enthusiastic for her. None of us thought of failure, or being a devils advocate. No one has any doubt that she won’t do it.

What if She Fails

You’re going to say “Yes, but what if she fails? What if you, through you enthusiasm, set her up for failure?”. There will be no failure, what there will be is someone experiencing the fantastic journey of going for a goal. She may well go along her B & B path and sometime in the future decide not to do it? That’s okay, that’s not failure. This is someone going for a dream and experiencing her dream. You may see our special miss B & B putting herself at enormous risk, we don’t see this. We see someone who is about to go for something that will change her life. How awesome is that!

 Call to action

Do you have a dream? Have you always been to scared to follow your dream? Are you the original devils advocate who quashes, not only your dream, but others as well?

Maybe it’s time to re-look at your dream and go for it. Great things happen when people follow their dream and make their dreams a reality.

When someone tells you about a dream, support them, tell them to do it. Help them make it a goal and go for it. Make them feel special, make yourself feel special by being empowering. If you have that urge to be the devils advocate, hold it back. It’s not your business or anyone else’s for that matter to tell someone they can’t do something. On the other hand, if that person asks you to be a devils advocate, be honest in you appraisal.

You know, we have a limited opportunity in our lives to experience our dreams and goals. I certainly don’t want to have any regrets when I look back on my life, do you!

Have the best outstanding life (and dreams).



This post was written a couple of years ago. Marcia has since started her B & B in country Victoria and it’s going gan busters.

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