Not just a moment in time….

Have you ever wondered about an ah ha moment? I wonder if its a human peculiarity about success and achieving that sets us up for elation when we ‘get’ something. A Light bulb moment is quite inspiring. You’re sitting there and suddenly you have an ah-ha moment or light bulb moment. It can be anywhere. You’re talking to a friend and a topic comes up and you learn something new. It’s a great feeling.

Ah Ha Moment : Light Bulb Moment : Not just a moment in time....

Marketers use Light Bulb Moments to Catch You

It’s such a great feeling that marketers and sales people try to use the ah-ha moment as a means of selling things to you and I must confess I’ve even used it myself, with some success, as a means of ‘selling’ a concept to clients during a psychic reading.

Something I Should Have Known turned into an ah ha Moment

I was with a friend yesterday and we were talking about things in nature and I asked my friend if he knew anything about curly leaf on a plant I have in a pot out the back of our house. “Does it have scale? Has it got ants walking up and down the trunk of the plant?” It was then I had the ah-ha moment ‘Of course’ I thought, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ Followed by one of those ‘I knew that!’ thoughts, so it became a little annoying that I could have remembered this myself.

Such is that ah-ha moment

My next overwhelming light bulb moment came last night. I’m reading an excellent book on aikido martial arts and the author explained to me something that has had me baffled for more than 20 years. I meditate every day and over the years during my meditation I occasionally try something new. It was in those early days when I was beginning to consistently meditate that I experimented with consciously trying to regulate my breathing. Every time I tried after only a minute or so I would get really anxious, it was as if I couldn’t get enough air into my lungs. The anxiety would build so much that I’d stop doing it.

Roll on to about a year ago and I tried again with what we, in Aikido, call Ki breathing. The same thing happened. That dang thing was getting me down. I’m a normal guy, I rarely get anxious about anything except this breathing thing in my mediation. Then last night an explanation. It seems that my anxiety is quite common. Many people suffer from it, and the reason? A fear of death from suffocation. Would you believe that!

My ah ha Moment

I had more than one light bulb moment. Firstly, I thought I was the only person who ever had this experience while meditating, but turns out to be quite common. Secondly, by been given an explanation of the symptoms, I immediately realised I could now do something about it. I now have a strategy for dealing with the challenge.

Light Bulb Moment Lessons

For me there are a couple of important lessons in this for me and I hope for you too.

First, whatever you’re pursuing, never give up. Success is always just around the corner.

Second. Success comes from the most unlikely places

Lastly, When you have an ah-ha moment, remember it and work on it. You may be sitting with hundreds of other people and you may be the only one who has the ah-ha moment. Be aware of it, take note of it and think about its ramifications.

The Learning Bonus

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to learn something new? It’s stressful, we can get tired and angry with ourselves and others because we don’t ‘get’ it. Try learning to drive a car, motor bike, or push bike again, or learning a new language, it’s really frustrating. Here’s your bonus, that ah-ha moment isn’t stressful, it’s a gift!

It’s like a free, no stress, learning lesson. It can be a revelation because it’s neural message passing from one side of your brain to the other. When it happens it feels great and there are no stressful side effects.

This is why you have to work on you’re ah-ha moments, they’re exciting and they’re free and they’re not just a moment in time.

Take care.


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