Age Difference is a bonus | The Young, The Old | Trust and Honesty are the Key

I have a special young woman in my life, she’s beautiful, a little crazy, been in two relationships—one tough, the other disastrous. Chutney and I have been close for a long time. One reason for that closeness is our age difference and this is our big bonus.

The Young, The Old : Age Difference is a Bonus

I sit back, watch and learn from her. Because I have many years on her, I let her learn, sometimes the hard way. That doesn’t mean I don’t worry about her, I do. I watched her deal with her second partner and for a while I worried she might not survive. She did survive, and her life blossomed. That was after the boy, who frequently got drunk and drugged up, pulled a knife pulled a knife on her. He left town and is now in another city.

I know Chutney’s parents very well and we’re like peas in a pod here in Brisbane. She works as a barista and in a bar and I do my psychic readings. It took her a year or so to settle down into Brisbane and get used to life away from her home town, now she’s thriving.

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The Trust Thing : Trust and Honesty are the Key

One day Chutney asked me to drop by her work for a chat. I drove over and we went out the back and she got stuck into me. I told her mother something that I wasn’t supposed to, in Chutney’s mind that conversation was between the two of us. Thankfully, that one-sided conversation was interrupted by her boss calling her back to barista duty. It wasn’t that important because I can’t remember what she was upset about. But a few days later, we did have an opportunity for another chat. Chutney felt like I let her down, that she couldn’t trust me and I’d betrayed her.

Honesty is Beyond Trust : Trust and Honesty are the Key

Some days later we talked again. Now I know Chutney’s parents very well and I owe them the same respect and honesty as I give to Chutney, I said to her, that if I hear something that needs to be passed on, I’ll make a call on it and when I do, I may not necessarily tell Chutney.

Honesty Goes Both Ways Making Age Difference a Bonus

Similarly, Chutney has the same opportunity to tell others about me, if she thinks fit. There is a difference though, I don’t care what she tells her parents or others about me because I’m not attached to what I do or what others say about me.

I have held back one or two things from Chutney’s parents, and I’m sure there are a couple of things she has not told her parents about me.Age Difference is a bonus | The Young, The Old | Trust and Honesty are the Key

The Open Relationship

This series of conversations has opened both of us up because Chutney shares everything with me and I keep no secrets from her. She hears it all and I hear it all and this it’s why It’s become an amazing relationship, and it’s so much fun and why I love her to bits. I love how no matter the age difference, a relationship can grow and grow.

The Bonuses

Chutney and I chat about everything, from what she’s done or doing, and what she’s up to through to me sharing one or two of my antics. Every now and then one of my amber (and occasionally red) lights turn on through my internal warning system. I find myself saying, “Don’t tell your Mother that, or your Dad, or G…., or T…., they just won’t get it.”. This is the perfect example of age difference being a such an incredible bonus, and. of course, she’s said the same to me!

The Pay Off—What’s in it for me?

I’m learning how young women think, how open they can be, and how vulnerable they can be. Guess who’s the one Chutney calls to duck down to the supermarket to buy tampons. I’m also the one who gets the 2:00 am phone call asking to be picked up or that she’s locked out of her apartment.

The Pay Off—What’s in it for Her?

Chutney learns stuff, since that ‘trust’ talk about a year or so ago, I’ve never needed to tell her parents anything—she does it. She’s more honest, more into herself and she looks after herself. She rarely puts herself into a position or environment where she can be harmed–and if she does, I’m not far away.

This, is total joy…….and why age difference is a bonus.

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