5 Easy Ways to Stop Aircraft Anxiety : What’s the Best Sedative for Fear of Flying?

You’ve arrived at the airport and things are okay, then you book in. Your nerves begin to build and as you move toward the departure gate you’ve become anxious. You’re led onto the aircraft and your sitting right down the back corner against the window. There’s activity happening as the aircraft fills up and you’re not in a good state. In fact, you’re terrified and they haven’t even started the engines yet.

Is this you?

This is exactly what happened to me a couple of years ago and it was not pretty because I felt claustrophobic and it was terrible. I nearly walked off the aircraft until my partner’s son gave me his aisle seat. This helped but I had to use every trick in my arsenal of emotional fear and safety tools to get through the flight. From that time on I swore I’d never sit further than half way back in the aircraft again.

Does this ring a bell for you? Have you wondered what’s the best sedative for fear of flying? I decided to do something, I researched the subject primarily for a young friend who regularly travels overseas. For her, the idea of flying causes her to break out in a cold sweat.

5 Easy Ways to Stop Aircraft Anxiety

There is a strategy and I’m giving it to you here. After the 5 Easy Ways to Stop Aircraft Anxiety tips there’s another thing you can do which negates the need for “What’s the Best Sedative for Fear of Flying” because you never need a sedative.

Here’s what you do.  Weeks before your travel you need to figure out what triggers your fear. Talk to people including friends and family. Find out what triggers aircraft anxiety for others because there are different aspects fears for each of us. This depends on the type of person you are. For instance, you may feel terror when there’s turbulence during takeoff. Your neighbour may not like the confined space because it spreads of germs. For me, I can’t handle that locked-in, claustrophobic feeling, it brings up a feeling of terror for me.5 Easy Ways to Stop Aircraft Anxiety : What's the Best Sedative for Fear of Flying?

5 Easy Ways to Stop Aircraft Anxiety

Let’s look at what the research says. Here are the 5 Easy Ways to Stop Aircraft Anxiety

  • Familiarise yourself with airplane noises

Landing, wheels clunk, takeoff—-engine wind up, rattling, Carry-on luggage and the seat-back tables are shifting slightly (Ehotels.com).

  • Check the turbulence forecast

Turbulence is a normal part of flying — it happens when the plane encounters normal weather patterns like air currents or clouds. The idea of shaking while in the air can be very unsettling. Use the Turbcast app  which was was designed by a pilot and analyses weather patterns as a pilot would, giving fliers an inside look at factors like air pockets and thunderstorms that can cause turbulence in the first place.

  • Bring a photo of your destination

Visualising your destination and imagining yourself there can be a powerful antidote to stress — focused on the prize, photo, physical image can help to keep your mind from wandering. Imagine yourself in a safe place, somewhere you feel comfortable and safe. Your bedroom, perhaps, or on a beach.

  • No  coffee or alcohol

Avoid caffeine and alcohol, they make you dehydrated during the flight. Especially before your flight! Avoid that seemingly comforting pre-flight alcoholic beverage because it’s harder for your body to adjust to being airborne and jet lag. Water, herbal tea, and a light meal pre-flight, or carry along a light snack like carrot sticks, nuts, or an apple to keep you feeling nourished.

  •  Bring a book you’ve already started or tune into video you’re familiar with or already started to watch

Distraction works. TV, music channels, and magazines — Bring a book that you’ve already started and are deeply engrossed in or a season of your favourite television show.

Now for your special trick.

What’s the Best Sedative for Fear of Flying?

Your best sedative is you and your mindfulness. Mindfulness is a gentle technique and it works. All you need to do  is break your journey up into space chunks.

Another 5 Steps

Think about your whole journey. You’re flying from Brisbane to London. How does that journey break down. It’ll look something like this.

  • The trip from your home to the airport.
  • Check-in at the airport including filling out forms, dropping off baggage, Customs and Immigration.
  • Sitting in the departure lounge waiting for seat allocation.
  • Moving onto the aircraft, getting you seat and getting comfortable
  • The flight to Dubai.
  • A stopover in Dubai with food, a walk, and sitting.
  • The flight to London.
  • Arrive and departing the aircraft in London.
  • The trip from the airport.


Take another look at those steps. Five are highlighted because they are the steps you need to enter your mindfulness state. All you need to do is sit comfortably, both feet on the floor, lightly close your eyes and listen. Don’t concentrate on your breathing because that will stress you. Thinking of breathing brings on too many thoughts. Listening to the sounds around you is easy.

You just listen to sounds like voices, and aircraft taking off in the distance, the intercom voice while you’re in the terminal and the sound of the flight while flying. There’s nothing stressful about the sounds they’re natural and normal. Notice how each sound has a start and end just like the the steps above.

You might like to break down the steps even more. A trip to London could have 50 steps to it. Having steps to the trip gives your psychic goals to tick off.

This works for me and others I’ve discussed it with.

Have a great trip.

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