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The age difference between me and Chutney is a fantastic bonus in our relationship. Chutney is a remarkable young woman who has been in two relationships, one rugged and the other disastrous. We have been close for a long time, and I learn a lot from her, sometimes the hard way. For instance, I watched her deal with her second partner and worried for her safety, but she survived and blossomed.

Chutney asked me to drop by her work for a chat one day, and she expressed her disappointment in me for telling her mother something I wasn’t supposed to. She felt like I let her down, that she couldn’t trust me, and that I’d betrayed her. However, we talked again, and I explained to her that I owe her parents the same respect and honesty as I give her. If I hear something that needs to be passed on, I’ll make a call on it and may not necessarily tell her. Similarly, Chutney has the same opportunity to tell others about me if she thinks it fits.

Our conversations have opened us up, and we share much more, with no secrets. We chat about everything, from what she’s doing to me sharing one or two of my antics. Our age difference is an incredible bonus, and it allows me to learn how young women think and how open they can be. In return, Chutney learns from me, and she’s more honest, more into herself, and looks after herself.

This is a total joy, and that’s why the age difference between us is a bonus.

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Age Difference is a bonus | The Young, The Old | Trust and Honesty are the Key


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