What we discovered about the 80 per cent rule relationship

In doing readings for many years, I’ve discovered something about the 80 per cent rule relationship. I’ve found that a relationship will only be about 80% good. Did you know I would classify an 80% good relationship would be classified as spectacular? A 100% perfect relationship is impossible; that’s like saying you’ve found a man or woman who’s a 10/10. Yes, the first date they may be. Come back in 5 years and tell me if they are a ten……80 percent rule relationship

A 100% relationship is just never going to be there. There will always be an emotional or mental thing going on to dampen the ties back to the 80% or lower level. You can read more about having a fantastic relationship; you can check it out here.

STOP looking for perfect. Look for your 80 per cent rule relationship.

The relationship is always going to be out of sync for about 80% and ‘in sync’ 20% of the time. This is a scientific fact and is accessible and measurable. So hop on your smartphone, search for biorhythm apps, and download a free app with three biorhythm curves versions; some have three, and others have four. Put your birthday date in and watch what happens—there are 3 or 4 curves, and note how often they all line up—it’s scarce. So overlay your partner’s biorhythm over yours. Are they ever in Sync? Probably once in 25 years!

Biorhythms are just a straightforward measure of where we’re at. By the way, to read a interpret a biorhythm, we usually look for the point when all the curves meet on either the upper or lower axis.

I’ll be back to your relationship. We know occasionally you’re going to hit 80%, fantastic. What happens when your relationship sinks to, say, 10%? What are you going to do? Know that it’ll get better by itself? Yes, it may. Or are you going to accept that things are not always rosy and do something?

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