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Andrew is truly amazing, he brings up things you didn’t mention or ask about. A word of warning, he will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear. And yet, you will still walk away with options and understanding that you have the ability to change your world.Andrew is truly amazing, he brings up things you didn’t mention or ask about. A word of warning, he will tell you the truth, not what you want to hear. And yet, you will still walk away with options and understanding that you have the ability to change your world.(Mar, 2017)

“Hey matey, how are you going? I am well, I wanted to share with you that I am listening to your reading nearly two years later and I am being blown away! Many things you said during the reading is making sense to me now!! WOW is mind blowing! Thank you, much gratitude Andrew! xxx”

Andrew is an intuitive and talented reader. He is empathetic and genuine in his approach and was able to pick up on so many aspects and issues in my life. I appreciated his honesty and encouragement. I look forward to my next reading. Dec 2016

I have been to many Psychics before, none of them compare to Andrew! Within the first minute, Andrew had already answered my burning questions without me providing any information at all. I am beyond chuffed with my reading. Thank you Andrew for telling me what I need to hear, I now have so much clarity. I have never felt so comfortable in a session before nor have had a better reading. Nov 2016

Andrew was great! Very forthcoming (how I like it) and I could tell he was very earnest (I’ve been to a lot of psychics). All things pertaining to the past and present were very accurate, will definitely be seeing him again! Dec 2016

My reading with Andrew was incredibly insightful. His interpretation and ability to convey the messages displayed were powerful, accurate and personal to me. Andrews skills and intuition are evident from the moment he starts. The experience was everything i could have hoped for and more. I feel reinvigorated and more in touch with myself. Sept 2016

I am thrilled to have found Andrew. At first he was my psychic and he is THE BEST psychic I’ve ever been to; now he’s my Business Coach. He has a very gentle yet firm teaching practice and has helped me to open up and become a better person. I am very happy with Andrew’s teachings and would recommend him as a Coach, or if you, want a very intuitive Psychic.

To be able to talk about problems was for me very important, and knowing that advice comes from someone who is willing to listen. With my kind of problems it is so difficult to be able to discuss with anyone. I think the advice given has to be given time to be digested. I need time to let it sink in.

Andrew has a wonderful energy and made me feel very comfortable through out the reading. He was very accurate on where I am in my life right now and provided wonderful insight into my potential future – which is exciting. Its up to me now, to take action and realize my Destiny. Thank you Andrew, I will be recommending you to friends. Sept 2016

Put yourself out there and do it… Andrew taught me a lot about me.. ❤️  Thanks… Oct 2016

Andrew was very open and inviting and was spot on with all of his information and helped me gain some clarity into what is going on in my life right now and all of the information he gave me validated what I felt or what I already knew. Andrew has a very welcoming, positive vibe and I will definitely be seeing him again in the future. Oct 2016

It was first time to see a psychic. I didn’t know what to expect. But I’m so glad I did. He was so encouraging and a few things were spot on. It was only a week ago so I don’t know if the future reading is going to be that too. But at the moment I’m feeling more positive. It felt like it was more of motivational experience with Andrew. Thank you.

It was very detailed, and I found that Andrew had great insight into things that I had never told anyone but had internally processed. He gave me peace of mind about something that has been quite turbulent recently. June 2016

Andrew is truely friendly to talk to. He is very good to spot on your personality and give you few tips about how to cope with your life. For my future I just have to wait and see what happen. He records all the conversation so you can listen again. His words definitely will make some impact on my thought. Thanks again for your help. Aug 2016

Thank u Andrew u are fantastic I got a great amount out of the 30 mins that I have i seem to be a bit more focused on what I want to do with chasing my dreams. Nov 2016

I came to see Andrew due to feeling “stuck” and just not sure which way to go with myself. I have been in that place before and saw Andrew then too. In an hour session with him, I gained clarity and was able to see myself moving forward again. Thanks Andrew – you are a treasure and I love what you do! Sept 2016

Well interesting things have happened since my last reading. We have found our block of land for our tree change but not where we thought.

In my reading you mentioned delays in January 🙂 Yep , we saw the block on the Friday before Christmas and had our offer accepted just as the Real Estate office was closing for their holiday break. Then I discovered all solicitors on holidays until the 09/01 and our accountant until 16/01.. Tried to find out about kit homes and DA for the block – yep nobody to talk to. It was a little frustrating for somebody like me who wants to get started and get things in place.
Things are on the move again now, we sign the contracts on Saturday.
I just thought I would share that with you and if you have any insight on this adventure please put your opinion forward.
I liked your strange and weird.
Have fun and blessings.     Jan 2017

WOW! What can I say. I had the most amazing reading with Andrew a few weeks ago, he was so spot on!!! I was needing some direction at that time in which he gave me. Since then I have had another reading & again the reading was very insightful. I felt so happy, confident & on top of the world after each reading. I can’t recommend him enough so very talented. Thank you Gayle, QLD

Andrew, well he just got me. Instantly I felt we had a connection to get the answers I needed. Andrew set the scene and expectations which worked well for the session. He provided the guidance I was after and insight to the energy around me. Oct 2016

Andrew made me feel very comfortable very quickly and has an easy going, personable way about him. He was spot-on on many things and helped affirm what I was thinking and already mulling over. A really positive experience which left me feeling encouraged and hopeful for the future. Oct 2016

I’ve had readings in the past but did not get as much out of them as the reading I had with Andrew. Andrew’s reading is the best I’ve ever had – not just because of the content but the encouragement for me to reach my full potential. I’ll look forward to having another reading with Andrew in a few years time!

Andrew was fantastic, he was really easy to speak with and provided some great insight and comfort. I would highly recommend Andrew.

Andrew was great! He had the best energy and read me very well. I understood and got what he was talking about. He made me feel positive about my future.

“What a blessing and pleasure it was to get my reading from Andrew. Let me say that this was my first ever tarot reading. The people he picked up on in my life and read about, he was right on!! His description of me, my past, my present also to the point and right on! I have yet to see my future unfold, although when it does happen, Andrew will be the first one that hears about it! Im very thankful i had this experience as i feel better about myself and what is yet to come in my life. Dec 2016

Andrew was the first psychic I’ve seen and it was an amazing experience. What I liked was that he was really caring and gave advice to approach issues in you life:

Andrew told me I will get a job in less than a week, and I receive a phone call for an interview the next day.

The thing that stood out most for me was how quickly Andrew got to know me. He seemed to ‘get me’ very early on and was able to give me advice and support that really spoke directly to what I was needing at the time. I have since gone on to sign up for Andrew’s weekly coaching which has added a whole new dimension to my life. I completely trust his advice and highly value his support. I highly recommend a session with Andrew.

You and I met at your place in June this year after a devastating break up.
I was very much the sceptic when I arrived, however was open to anything new to help me through that difficult time.
Well, it would seem that you either have a visual portal in to the future, or you have a knack at either guessing the future or manipulating the thought processes of a people whom you meet for the first time to affect the outcome of the next 6 months of their lives. … Highly unlikely.
I choose a gift of the portal, of which you are developing.
Thank you.
Your service was instrumental in my journey from an emotional situation so dark that I couldn’t see anything aside of my personal grief, to where I am today. The sun has risen every day and it’s brighter and more beautiful every day.
Many moments of the past. 6 months triggered memories of our conversation and I am sometimes left with goosebumps and hairs standing on end at an event or occurrence.
Well I think it’s time to come and have another chat with you.
So please take that as a compliment because unless a service I’m paying for is of an exceptional standard, I will not use them again. For me to come forward and offer my praise and gratitude in appreciation of going over and above in their services……. Well this is a new experience for me. Largely because I was a complete non believer. Now I’m not.
Once again,
Thank you.
Your words helped me find some confidence within myself as well as aiding myself in to looking within for answers, which always raise more questions. (Dec, 2016)

Andrew has a lovely warm and engaging energy about him and I felt very comfortable talking to him. I was seeking some clarity around my relationships and he has given me plenty to think about. I will certainly visit Andrew again! Aug 2016

Andrew really helped me to put my current problems and concerns into prospective. Andrew was spot on every time. I never self questioned on what he was saying, he provided me so much clarification and hope. Nov 2016

Andrew has a very open, likeable, approach, and listens to what is important to you to seek answers for you. He doesn’t lay the cards out and say ‘what I see’. He works with you to obtain answers to what you are seeking, and what is important to you. It was very refreshing, and an enjoyable experience. Being a very sensitive, intuitive, being, Andrew honed-in immediately to my circumstances and I believe has provided me with guidance and confirmation. Andrew, I thank you indeed for your kind frankness and openness, and perhaps our paths will cross again. With my good wishes, and thanks, SM

Andrew instantly had me feeling at ease. His calm and friendly demeanour brought a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere to my experience. I was not hit with a barrage of carefully planted questions to which could have been fed off. In fact, Andrew just got down to business like it is second nature.

I had no problems with getting an appointment, found the whole reading very interesting and he was very accurate with the majority of the reading, I would recommend him to my family and friends. Oct 2016

My reading with Andrew was absolutely fantastic. Andrew exudes a very calm, warm and welcoming energy and is genuinely caring and excited in the readings he provides. I left my session with Andrew feeling completely empowered and filled with a positive, joyous energy. Just wonderful x

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