As you book in, here are a few tips…..

  • Buy your gift voucher here for friends, family, colleagues—NOTE : vouchers are paid In Advance.
  • Our on-line booking system is safe and reliable and payments and refunds are backed and guaranteed by PayPal’s code of ethics. Please read the conditions here.
  • In each window there are drop-down menus, pick the service you want.
  • In the second window, please ensure you have set your time zone.
  • You will need to pay for phone readings before your reading—face-to-face readings can be paid by cash or credit card during your reading.
  • If we are not for you, tell us during the reading. It could be our style or the content—it doesn’t matter. Tell us early enough and it’s likely we’ll refund you. We do not refund after the reading. If you feel during the reading that you’re not getting value, you must tell us.