VIP Personal Development Sessions with Psychic Andrew Warnes

It takes more than 1 hour to change your life

There’s no quick-fix in personal and business development—you are a shadow of your childhood; all those things that happened to you, all that relationship hardship, trouble with family relationships, friends and colleagues was wired before you became seven years old. KA 2009

You experience pain and suffering. It’s your choice…….

Join VIP Personal Development Sessions No Pain, No Suffering

You can hope it will pass (and it may) by ducking for cover and swimming in your emotional drama.

Or you can take action with VIP Personal Development Sessions

Either way, you’ll experience discomfort and you can have uncontrolled pain and discomfort by doing nothing for years and years or you can shift yourself to an exciting new platform of life in a measured and controlled environment.

Andrew offers VIP personal development sessions in a safe and controlled environment.

Fee on application for VIP personal development sessions —typically sessions are between 60 and 90 minutes. You must complete at least 3-months to get any benefit.

The Catch

There’s a catch, I don’t work with everyone, I only work with people who are willing to trust that I’ll get them through and are committed and I frequently reject people who want coaching. How hungry and committed are you?

Interested? Call for a free evaluation—this is where we examine each other to see if we’re right a right fit for each other.

What Happens

What can happen (depending on your goals). You can have……

  • A fantastic new job, career
  • A loving partner and relationship
  • Starting a business, moving a business to a new level
  • Travel
  • Purchasing a home
  • A higher level of spirituality
  • Starting your own energy, alternate energy venture, business
  • A simple amazing life.

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VIP Personal Development Sessions


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