Andrew Warnes is highly sought after and due to high demand only has limited appointments available.

Andrew has put together a team of experienced and very special ‘friends’ to help him, (and) help YOU.

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Andrew Warnes

Psychic of the Year (ACT) 2012

Selected from thousands of Psychics to audition for the Australian television 
show “The One” in 2011 and then awarded “Psychic of the Year (ACT) 2012”, Andrew Warnes is a highly sought after Psychic with clients all over the world. He regularly helps National and International decision makers.

Maggie Hartley

Psychology Counsellor | Angels | Fairyologist | Cat-whisperer

Maggie is understanding, loving and holistic—-strongly focused upon healing the mind, heart, body and spirit and this is strongly reflected in her reading style which is soft, loving and ‘to-the-point’. Her readings are factual, accurate and to-the-point with a emphasis on therapy and mind/body transformation.

Shalini Nandan

Business Legal | Auric Sensitivity | To-The-Point | Life Change

Shalini is a keen psychic reader who loves her work being ‘in service’. She began reading for friends and today does readings by appointment when she’s not serving her legal and business clients.