Psychic Predictions for 2018

We’ve ticked over to a new year. What can you expect?

Astrologers make predictions, I do psychic predictions for 2018, although I’m not a fan of those overall predictions because they are so general in nature. But I had a go and here it is……

Psychic Predictions for 2018

Starting top left corner is January through June and July on the right edge and December bottom left. Lots of colour and lots of meaning. So let’s have a look at what we can expect. And remember, this is not necessarily for you specifically, although you may find certain months ring a bell as we pass through them.

And here you have your psychic predictions for 2018.

If you want something specific for you, you’re going to have to book in and see me—then we can really target your year. Book a reading here.

January is often a time for being laid-back and enjoying life, as in the holiday season. The problem is, it all looks profitable and abundant, but it’s not necessarily. Everything will tick along nicely then out-of-the-blue and emotional or mental crisis could strike. Unfortunately, it won’t be for everyone—just a select few—and it could be heavy as in February’s load. What we’ll find as the weeks pass by the real reality will become obvious. For the others, February will be a ‘back-to-the-grind’ scenario and it’ll be easy to fall into the drama-glue of negative emotion then. Please, be as upbeat as you can because Feb will test you; or rather, your own mindset could take you down during this time.

March is more of the same. If you’re down and out in Feb and haven’t drawn yourself up, you’ll take a hit in March. Just remember that stress in your life is all your own doing and for the most part, it’s an allusion, it’s not real, by being negative you make it seem real.

April will be our reprieve; it should be good. I call this few weeks “fertile times” and there will be some nice times. I would expect that I’ll hear of women conceiving about now—good news? Or no so good news? Watch out in the papers for 9 months time i.e. December babies! May is a time for reflection and overthinking. You’ll recognise this by hopping into bed to sleep but you’ll be unable to nod off, or you’ll wake up and overthink things at 2 am. Do all the restful things before bed would be my tip.

June and July are changeable times. Watch changes in large organisations during this time, especially in June. July won’t be pretty for many of us. This is the time when emotional things take place (more here in this blog), you’re likely to feel the full spectrum within a week or two. Then a few weeks after you’ll realise all that stuff was the Universe pushing you up into another higher energy level. All natural but if you’re like me you still feel it.

August is the time for you to use all your magic powers to conjure up whatever takes your fancy for the following 6 months. Just make sure you protect yourself from people trying to manipulate you during August. Then in September your Star rises. Sep is the perfect time to look after yourself—good food, massages, health and vitality—so go for it. And you’ll find it’ll pay off too. You could find a new love or an current love-relationship could resurrect itself. This energy will also help you through the emotions that are likely to bubble up too.

Then we run into the final three months. Not much I can say about October except ‘stand your ground if someone tries to move you into something that doesn’t feel right’. November, as you can see by all the wands is a time for work. It’s when you get into top gear in producing what you need and it’ll be a productive time; the downside is overwork and exhaustion, but it’ll pay off.

December is a mixed bag. November’s productivity will pay off but expenditure (money, emotion, mental) could mean loses. It is nearly Christmas again, after all.

And that’s your year. To sum up……

Upper months — April, September

Down (yuck) months — Late Feb/March, July, with a helping hand in November.


Have a great year and I hope you enjoyed your psychic predictions for 2018.

Psychic Andrew

Want to see what’s actually happening in 2018? Check out Wikipedia here.

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