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And this job looks cool, really cool. What’s next?
You get the question I’m about to get you to ask yourself.

“What has to happen for me to be working in that place?”

You really need to get this question because as you progress closer to your interview you need to be able to ask it freely of yourself and the people who are about to employ you. This question is a game changer, I’ve used it in things I’ve really wanted and when I’ve asked “What has to happen for me to ………?” I’ve always got the outcome I’ve wanted.
A big warning though, be aware, the Universe will give you whatever you ask for including things you ‘think’ you want. This is why there are two things to consider. The first is, you might want that job because it’s the ‘in’ thing, because it’s a great business, people are fantastic, great renumeration etc. However, and this is the second thing, that job may be fantastic ‘on paper’ but when you get there you find it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.

Here’s an example, years ago after I separated from my partner and I moved to Canberra I found a great place to live. It was perfect and I got to live with my chef daughter and one of her friends. My original, “What has to happen for me to be living in this house?”, question worked on all points except one. I didn’t do my homework when it came to the other people living there—I had some other house mates who ripped me off, so the original feelings around that place went a little sour.

I’ve since used the same question on numerous other things I’ve wanted and they have worked perfectly.

When you ask that question honestly, you’ll find you do what has to be done before and during the interview. You’ll research the organisation, network with others who may know people who work there, and talk to the people offering the job. This process will send messages to your subconscious and the Universe and help your decision making/choice process.

The Interview

I mentioned once before you have to play the interview process by your rules—not theirs. If you’re desperate, forget it—go home. you do not want to be a victim.

“Your rules’ means confidence, knowledge, and being authentic—be yourself. If you need tips on being authentic, book in for a reading session with me and we’ll work on it. Meanwhile, during the interview process you must remember, you’re interviewing them to find out if that place is the place for you. Imagine this—you walk in to the interview and you ask a couple of questions about where you’ll physically work, what the business’ challenges are and what you’ll be paid and the people across the table can’t tell you. You get the feeling they’re incompetent and not interested in you or what you have to say. How would you feel? Not that confident, I would assume. Clearly this is a business in trouble. Would you want to work there?

Being authentic is being you, the person you really are. I have watched my psychic colleagues Maggie and Shalini at work in their ‘day’ jobs—Shalini is a lawyer and Maggie is in retail. They are both very different from each other and incredible to watch. Maggie’s sales ability is an asset to her and the shop she works in—she doesn’t ‘sell’ she has a conversation and people walk out happy—and she gets the sales! Shalini’s ability as a lawyer is factual and to-the-point, I recommend her to people as someone who has integrity and is authentic. This is why I asked them to work with me as psychics—they are that good. By the way, if you want to have a psychic reading with either Shalini or Maggie, contact us.

Have you worked out how different you are from the others in the business you’re hoping to work in? Some of your questions to the interview panel will reflect that difference. You’ll need to ask them what their challenges and problems are, and you’ll need to probe their answers to show you’re different. Remember, you’re judged by the quality of the questions you ask, not by your knowledge.

Lastly, you’re going to have to drill down and ask them exactly what they expect from you. What do they want you to fix or help them fix? No job these days is a completely on-going operation; every job is in a state of flux and change. You need to find out what that is for the job you’re going for.

An authentic person does not ‘control’, she/he works with people to get an outcome, so it’s important you don’t try to control the proceedings, you want the process to be equal and win/win. What you want to do is stand out from the rest of the crowd so you’re the only player in the field.

Do this, and the job is yours.

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Psychic Andrew

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