Now that special job…..


Psychic Andrew Warnes

Getting a job is all about your mindset, it’s NOT about qualification or whether you’re good enough. If you really want the job, if you really feel it’s for you and you’re hungry for it—–the job is yours for the taking.

And that’s the crunch.

Most of us go for a job because we “NEED” it rather than “WANT” it. We want to move onto a job because we don’t like our present predicament. Often it’s out of desperation.

The other morning I was near a dog park and all of a sudden there was a loud commotion of barking and stressed squealing amongst a pack of dogs. A small dog was a victim of ‘the pack’—it was been attacked! And left alone without human intervention it may have been a terrible outcome. The small dog was a victim and the other dogs smelt it’s fear and attacked. This is what happens when you really need something—like that new job, a better relationship, a new place to live, or even better health—you have to really want it and really go for it.

So let’s be a little more specific.

You’ve searched the employment sites, done your research and you’re ready to apply for a whole heap of jobs. Right?

Wrong! You haven’t thought those jobs through, you’ve just looked at them. Put them aside and next day short list them. Put that list aside, then short list again. That list of twenty will now be one or two jobs.

Next, grab the selection criteria and address each one. If you can’t address each criteria in a matter of minutes, that job is not yours. Your special job will fall in your lap and you’ll be shortlisted for interview. As you’re writing the application you’ll feel excitement and jubilation as the words appear on the page—this is good. If you don’t feel this way that ’need’ feeling is creeping in—you don’t ‘need’ your perfect job, they NEED you because of the person you are and what you have to offer.

You’ve written the application and you’re about to send it off.


There’s something you’ve missed. Chances are you’ve expressed yourself in a way that you think you might fit into that organisation. Great, but inaccurate. Chances are that organisation is looking for someone different, they don’t want more of the same people who are already working there, they’re looking for someone transformational, someone a bit different. Is that you?

Did you make a case for being different in your application? If so, great. Send it off.

Fantastic, that wasn’t hard, was it! All you have to do now is fire yourself into the interview.

And we’ll look at that next…….