That Absurd, Crazy Internal Dialogue that STOPS you Doing Cool Stuff.


Andrew Warnes

It’s called self-speak or your internal dialogue and it’s that constant chatter that goes on in your brain during your waking hours. You can’t do anything about it, it’s always there.

So what happens when you want to start something new, like getting a new job, starting a new business, getting a promotion, or creating some thing? It always starts well, you get excited and you even start to visualise yourself in the new role. Then the self doubt creeps in, those thoughts like, “I’m not good enough”, “What will they think?”, “I’m not ready”, “I don’t have enough money” and the one that most of us don’t admit to “I’m scared!”. These are sabotage thoughts and they’re damaging.

What if you found a way around these thoughts?

So let’s examine these thoughts. To tell you the truth, yes, they are fears but they’re not real. They are illogical, perceptive fears because they are built on something happening at some stage in your past to which you said to yourself “I’ll never do that again!”. If a lion was about to attack you, that would be real fear—there’s a real threat—the fears we’re talking about do not exist, you can’t get hurt by them, not physically or emotionally—you brought them about so that you would feel safe.

Here’s what you do.

Think of what you want to do which you’re sabotaging yourself with. The new position, that course, new business, new activity, anything. Next, pick out your sabotaging statement. Mine up until a few months ago was “I’m not good enough!”. “I don’t have enough money” is a statement I frequently hear from people, use that if you think it’s applicable. Now say that statement a few times to yourself, out loud (this is really good to do in front of a mirror). Finally, find a friend(s) or partner and say it out loud to them by introducing yourself as that statement. Something like, “Hi, I’m not good enough, how are you?”. Repeat it five or six times.

Notice what happened? You sounded absolutely, stupid didn’t you? The statement became absurd and ridiculous, so where do think you’d be able to take yourself or go with this knowledge and what do you think you can achieve now without that self-speak crap getting in the way.

Have an awesome day,

Psychic Andrew