Happiness is…….


Andrew Warnes

We live in cycles, mood cycles.

When things go right for us and we’re pumped—shopping, new shoes, new car, new job, new relationship—we think to ourselves “Now, I’m happy!”.Or when things are not-so-good—I’m Feeling down, I’ve lost lost something, there’s been an argument or disagreement, or maybe even poverty— by not being able to buy that pair of shoes or afford that special night out. You think “How can I be happy when all this is going on!”.

Eastern philosophy (Buddhism, Hinduism) suggest both these states or modes are dysfunctional because you are not joyful or happy, you’re in a state of greed or fear.

Consider this. When you think you’re happy or sad, you’re neither—deep down you’re you’re experiencing fear or greed.

Here’s the rub.

Did you know that beggar on the street corner in Calcutta could be happier than you and that you’re likely to be happier than the billionaire with his private jet, many properties and huge income.

Happiness is not external, it’s internal. It’s how you really feel about yourself and the world around you. 

I sit and meditate, usually twice a day. In that ‘me’ time I feel bliss—my own word for being completely at ease with me and the universe. Nothing fazes me. I’m stabilised, balanced. And happy. Not very happy, just happy. That happiness stays with me for days and I think my meditation ‘tops’ me up each day.

When I’m happy I notice things……

The sunset last night,

Sunrise this morning,

The guys chatting at the coffee stop this morning,

My partner’s voice,

Being close to her as we had coffee,

My breakfast,

The sound of my water feature,

The ambient sound of the city,

Even the sound of the garbage truck.

Isn’t that strange! There are no purchases, buying, disagreements, feeling low or high—just a feeling of…….inner being……happiness.

That’s me noticing my happiness.