I have an excellent place in Highgate Hill here in Brisbane where I go for almost daily coffee, it’s called The Lift and it’s on Gladstone street near the intersection of Vulture street—well, I used to go there until I moved, now I go to one of the many New Farm coffee shops.

Why a coffee at a Cafe every day?

It’s because I can. Years ago I made a choice—a life choice…..

My life choice includes very simple things like hanging out with by beautiful partner, Tracey, every day; seeing clients; going to my aikido self defence classes; going to a movie in the middle of the day and much more. So why is this so different to yours? Well, it’s probably not. You see I’ve reinvented my life to be super flexible. I don’t work a 9-5 job, I work when it pleases me and what fits in with my clients. As someone who knows me, you’re probably aware of this. I’ve been known to see clients late on a Saturday evening or a Sunday afternoon, I just don’t care.

Have you ever thought of a life like this?

A life of choice, flexibility, creativity and easy going-ness?
It’s actually not that hard to do, just make the decision to do it and you’re on your way. That’s step one, step two? Click the button and make an appointment with me.

Do it NOW.

You’ll see how easy it is…..