Andrew Warnes

What’s in store for you?

Get your life direction, up-coming challenges

and emotional pain unzipped in just 60 mins with

Andrew Warnes, Psychic of the Year (ACT) 2012.

Find out how to clear your path

and where to turn next.

Andrew is by far the best intuitive reader I have experienced. He is extremely capable in his abilities and also an excellent communicator. With no prompting or fishing for information from me, he provided me a wealth of insight and also confirmation of what I had been sensing within. I started off with a 30min reading but decided to extend it as the information he provided was very high quality and far better value than readings I have experienced at markets and fairs. His wisdom and life experience shine through.

Andrew is a gifted and sincere intuitive and more of his calibre is needed in the esoteric world. I turned to him for guidance through a very difficult time in my life. Not only does he get it right but he tells you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. With clear direction such as this from him , one is able to accordingly respond and be prepared. He oozes a sunny disposition which is highly infectious so it’s impossible to be anything but elevated when one exchanges with Andrew. He is an authentic person who truly empowers me to embrace the future bravely whatever that may hold for me.

You and I met at your place in June this year after a devastating break up.
I was very much the sceptic when I arrived, however was open to anything new to help me through that difficult time.
Well, it would seem that you either have a visual portal in to the future, or you have a knack at either guessing the future or manipulating the thought processes of a people whom you meet for the first time to affect the outcome of the next 6 months of their lives. … Highly unlikely.
I choose a gift of the portal, of which you are developing.
Thank you.
Your service was instrumental in my journey from an emotional situation so dark that I couldn’t see anything aside of my personal grief, to where I am today. The sun has risen every day and it’s brighter and more beautiful every day.
Many moments of the past. 6 months triggered memories of our conversation and I am sometimes left with goosebumps and hairs standing on end at an event or occurrence. (Dec, 2016)