Bali 2014. The planning……

Check this out. We’re planning a spiritual retreat in Bali that’s affordable, and will change your life.

Hit a nerve. Change a life


I received a handful of responses from my last blog. Great.
A couple of people responded to say that it’s great what I’m doing and that they could never do it because they have commitments. A job, family, home loan, schools fee to pay for etc etc.
Yea. I get that.
I also get that so many people are unhappy and want out of their rat-race.
I know someone (client) who had a major life threatening event happen to her a couple of weeks ago. Ended up in hospital, very worrying. Doctors say, if she has another of these she could die.
What’s she done? She comes to me, sits on the edge of her chair and hangs off every word I say, she that committed. She doesn’t know how she’s going to pay me—I know she will——she does every bit of homework, she’s 100% committed to reinventing herself.
She holds down 2 jobs and has an end date for one of them, she’s doesn’t know that the end dates I have in mind for her in this job is months away—hers is 2 years, and I’ll win on this one.
So, you want to have that different life that I was discussing last week? Go and do it. Stop being the victim, stop be reactive, stop listening to society—listen you your own inner voice, it won’t lie to you.


Change your life and how you live.

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I have an excellent place in Highgate Hill here in Brisbane where I go for almost daily coffee, it’s called The Lift and it’s on Gladstone street near the intersection of Vulture street. That’s the plug….

Why a coffee at a Cafe every day? It’s because I can. Years ago I made a choice, a life choice…..
My life choice includes very simple things like hanging out with by beautiful partner, Tracey, every day; seeing clients; going to my Aikido classes; going to a movie in the middle of the day and much more. So why is this so different to yours? Well, it’s probably not. You see I’ve reinvented my life to be super flexible. I don’t work a 9-5 job, I work when it pleases me and what fits in with my clients. As someone who knows me, you’re probably aware of this. I’ve been known to see clients late on a Saturday evening or a Sunday afternoon, I just don’t care.
Have you ever thought of a life like this? A life of choice, flexibility, creativity and easy-goingness?
It’s actually not that hard to do, just make the decision to do it and you’re on your way. That’s step one, step two? Click the button and make an appointment with me. Do it NOW.
You’ll see how easy it is…..

2014! What’s next? Find out here……


Wow, lucky you!

You’re just entering the most stressful time of the year. Yep, our western Christmas New Year period is, for most of us, a time of trying to make ends meet, fixing relationships, travel, shopping and all that stuff.
On the one hand, we’re really excited that it’s the end of and era; on the other hand we approach this time with an expectation that something will change.
Guess what? Nothing changes…….
Not unless you take particular action anyway.
And what do you do? You make idle promises to yourself that you’ll uphold your New Years resolutions……
What a load of crap.
You resolve to lose weight, to get fit (ha ha you even join a gym), find a new job, spend more time with your son or daughter……..
Stop kidding yourself…..stop attacking yourself and most of all, stop deceiving yourself.
There’s only one thing you need to do (or maybe two).
Do something.
Reply to this blog and reserve your voucher for an Intuitive Reinvention psychic session. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to relax.
Early next year, I’ll contact you and we’ll arrange a time to chat. We’ll talk about your relationships, your job or business, travel opportunities, your love life and what you can expect next year and, probably the most important thing of all, what you need to do to have a spectacular year.
And the second thing?
Enjoy yourself. Sit back and enjoy your time off, the shopping, travel, those wonderful people in your life.

5 Easy Ways to Stop Aircraft Anxiety


Does the idea of flying cause you to break out in a cold sweat?

You aren’t alone.

What we do is……Figure out what triggers your fear. Different aspects, different fears— depending on the type of person you are. For instance, one person — turbulence, feel nervous during takeoff.

Another person— spread of germs in a confined space. Another or a locked-in, claustrophobic  feeling.

Here we go, here are the 5 things you can do……..

  • Familiarise yourself with airplane noises

Landing, wheels clunk, takeoff—-engine wind up, rattling, Carry-on luggage and the seat-back tables are shifting slightly (

  • Check the turbulence forecast

Turbulence is a normal part of flying — it happens when the plane encounters normal weather patterns like air currents or clouds — the idea of shaking while in the air can be very unsettling. Use Turbcast  which was was designed by a pilot and analyzes weather patterns as a pilot would, giving fliers an inside look at factors like air pockets and thunderstorms that can cause turbulence in the first place.

  • Bring a photo of your destination

Visualising your destination and imagining yourself there can be a powerful antidote to stress — focused on the prize, photo, physical image can help to keep your mind from wandering. Imagine yourself in a safe place, somewhere you feel comfortable and safe. Your bedroom, perhaps, or on a beach.

  • No  coffee or alcohol

Avoid caffeine and alcohol, they make you dehydrated during the flight. Avoid that seemingly comforting pre-flight alcoholic beverage because it’s harder for your body to adjust to being airborne and jet lag. Water, herbal tea, and a light meal pre-flight, or carry along a light snack like carrot sticks, nuts, or an apple to keep you feeling nourished.

  •  Bring a book you’ve already started or tune into video you’re familiar with or already started to watch

Distraction works. TV, music channels, and magazines — Bring a book that you’ve already started and are deeply engrossed in or a season of your favorite television show.


Self Esteem

Your natural energy, persona, charisma and being can load you up; and you may be unaware of it. Add success, hard work, life-luck and you could be, in another’s eyes on a pedestal.

I remember, I felt I wasn’t good enough for my former partner. She was so elegant, beautiful, intelligent, and had an air of being able to look at me in a way that disarmed me. I thought she was fantastic, still do. Until, years later, it emerged that she often felt the same with me.

Last night I spoke to an overseas client who has fallen for someone and a similar story emerged. He was so distraught, at this insight and it shook him up. He couldn’t believe it because this ‘significant other’ spoke 5 languages, brilliant at business, wonderful family and had so many wonderful traits.


What’s this about? Self esteem!

It’s crazy isn’t it…..

If you’re in a relationship and your self esteem is low, everyone is better than you including your partner. In time you learn to lean on your partner for support, after all, they know better don’t they. You expect them to make decision, don’t you…..

What happens after 5, 10, 25 years? You’re fully dependent on your partner, he/she has become the decision maker, all “our” friends are “his” or “her” friends, you do what “he/she” suggests……and the story goes on…..

Sound familiar. You know people like this don’t you……


What do you do?

Start making you own decisions, small ones at first.

Do things by yourself or with your friends

Say “No”. And don’t give a reason, you don’t need to justify yourself.

My client overseas? I gave him three strategies and he’s over-the-moon. I expect he’s starting his self esteem building process for his partner as you read this, all very simple and very elegant.


What is perspective?

“a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.”

“You see it your way, I see it mine”


Talking to friends yesterday about a very high achieving client and what she’s doing. My ‘Very Psychic’ friend said “This is not right for her, she needs to stop”. Other friend picked up the same intuitive vibe and voiced her opinion.

Both indicated that it’s my job to set my client straight.

Me? I disagree; I have a different perspective and it’s not for me to judge.

I’m coaching this woman; I’m coaching her to examine her own decisions and why she’s doing what she’s doing. And I’m succeeding.

Another example. You would agree that as you age injuries and illnesses would become more intense and would take longer to heal. Right?

I wonder where you got this perspective from. Society? Medical fraternity? The press? Makes sense……

Not to me!

I live outside that box; I have a different perspective, it may be right or wrong; I don’t believe the above statement is correct and I’ve proved it time and time again on myself and I’ve seen it in others who have cured themselves of chronic diseases.


This outside-the box perspective has changed my life because it makes my challenge all my preconceived thoughts.


And that makes me a better person……


Evolving or Dissolving; It’s your choice.

A battery has two terminals—positive and negative. We are like this in that we have two states of being; we’re either evolving or dissolving.
What happens if you let a car battery sit for a long time? That’s right it goes flat.

Our brain and body are like the battery, it likes to be used, it needs to be used and worked to stay healthy—If not it atrophies and dies.

It takes power to maintain power.

So we’re same as that battery we must use our whole body including our brain and mind.

If we tell ourselves or others negative drama glue stories, they are like the negative terminal.

Tell empowering, proactive, abundant, and joyful stories we’re like the positive terminal.

So positive terminal ——> you evolve

negative terminal ——> you dissolve.

Notice there is NO neutral terminal.

Same with us, we’re either evolving or dissolving, there is no in between:

  • Examine your thoughts all the time,
  • Watch your integrity all the time
  • Work on the things and with people that are empowering, with sincerity and integrity all the time
  • Think abundance, not scarcity.
  • Think health all the time

And have an amazing, abundant and evolving life.

Invest in YOU. Invest in YOUR long life.

Money is investment for old age, Superannuation is for you and your family
What about other types say emotional, health?
Most people don’t invest in health, rely on their doctor, they don’t invest in emotion, they rely on anti depressants and other medications.
What about investing in yourself?
What about your health?
What’s your investment? Yes, it’s money and it’s probably your medical fund.
And your career,  what did you do for your career? Did you invest to get that going? You betcha you did….. school, Uni, college, on-job training.
So what about health, vitality.
Yes, you invest in yourself gym membership (Money), walk run, cycle and try to keep fit.
Do you want to live a long time? Live a long fruitful life? What about that investment?
Yes, your money investment is right (super etc), fitness maybe okay (if keep it up), Health wellbeing?
Isn’t it better to be in charge of your own health, wellbeing, vitality, emotional freedom, mental freedom.
This takes investment too.
Maybe money, certainly time.
You’ve been given a body, look after it, invest in it.
You owe it to your family, friends and mostly to yourself.
When old, infirmed you will blame others, that’s natural…..

Here’s an opportunity to do something.
Be in charge of own destiny

Over two years ago I was interviewed by a Canberra journalist after becoming Psychic of the Year (ACT).

This meeting with this journalist started a web frustration, drama-glue and stress for her sister in Melbourne.

It became a journal this woman had to take and it hasn’t been easy.

The rewards are colossal as this woman moves away from the IVF program to become, in a short time, fertile by natural means.

Check out the video for the story…………

Could this be your story, how would you write it?

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