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Psychic of the Year (ACT) 2012.

“It’s what you need to hear, NOT what you want to hear.”



    Presented by Andrew Warnes

I am very impressed with Andrew and how spiritual he is. It was a relaxed and truthful reading and it provided me with the guidance I was seeking. I’m looking forward to all that 2018 has to offer me and I will definitely be booking in for a future reading. (Jan 2018)

Andrew was very welcoming and clear. He gave me a really good straight forward reading, he didn’t give me any crazy out there promises about the future but things that seem realistic and very possible regarding my current situation. I can’t wait to see if things unfold the way he told me! (Dec, 2017)

Andrew told the story how it was, which I believe is an honest true guide! As much I didn’t like what he said about a few aspects of my life – he was 100% right! He assisted me in healing, choices and guided me to the right direction! He was spot on about my career and I what I wanted! I can’t wait to go back in 3 months and he will tell by my face what he said was true! Thank you your time Andrew (Mar 2017)

It’s like a shrink—everyone should have one!

As DB was leaving Psychic Andrew Warnes after a reading (Mar 2017)

You and I met at your place in June this year after a devastating break up.
I was very much the sceptic when I arrived, however was open to anything new to help me through that difficult time.
Well, it would seem that you either have a visual portal in to the future, or you have a knack at either guessing the future or manipulating the thought processes of a people whom you meet for the first time to affect the outcome of the next 6 months of their lives. … Highly unlikely.
I choose a gift of the portal, of which you are developing.
Thank you.
Your service was instrumental in my journey from an emotional situation so dark that I couldn’t see anything aside of my personal grief, to where I am today. The sun has risen every day and it’s brighter and more beautiful every day.
Many moments of the past. 6 months triggered memories of our conversation and I am sometimes left with goosebumps and hairs standing on end at an event or occurrence. (Dec, 2016)




    Presented by Andrew Warnes